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Jas Mahal


Sound Society


Striking the right note


When the idea to create a premium listening venue in Kamloops began to take hold, the excitement became immediate.


The founders of Sound Society are dedicated to the craft of creating unparalleled sound, providing customers and members with the option to try out and purchase the best audio equipment in the world.


Jas Mahal, our face to the experience at Sound Society, is himself an avid sound-ologist and eager to share the passion of creating a platform for aficionados to share a story over a drink in the listening lounge while enjoying an experience for the ear like no other.


No more travelling to anywhere else…the Kamloops region now has its own place for those who seek a premium environment to amplify your own sound experience, from local people who care about the details the way you do.


Bring your network of audio fans into the Sound Society by booking the space for an event, a client reward night, a custom equipment demo or just come hang with local sound professionals.

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